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In essence, the link between action and result's a lot of clearer and higher outlined in PPC than it's in SEO. With SEO, the target or outcomes can be to try to to with stigmatisation, creating connections, building authority and trust, etc. With PPC, the target is often to sell / to come up with additional conversions and if the end result doesn’t meet the target, we modify the PPC Campaign approach so it will. This is why PPC is healthier, in essence, than SEO for pretty much any quite on-line selling strategy or campaign.



PPC Pros

Instant Traffic to your Website: have ads on the top of search results almost immediately after setting up a PPC campain Full Control: you are in complete control of your ad (copy, keyword, and desitnation URL)

No Worring About Algorithm Updates: PPC ads are not impacted like the organic (unpaid) search results are when search engines perform an algorithm updats.

Complete brand dominance: Control prime real estatein the search results when oyur brand shows up in both the natural results and teh paid search results.

SEO Cons

Quality SEO takes time: SEO can take many months to notice results.

High competition: some business categories and keywords have very high competition and your small business might be trying to fight an uphill battle against corporation with the huge budget and resources.

Susceptible to algorithm updates: an algorithm can really shuffle the search results, causing organic rankings to fall and months of had work and money to be flushed down the drain.